Chelsea prying on Alexis Sanchez as La Liga opens its Sevilla doors for Sanchez

It’s time for Arsenal’s to think of something else because their One Man Show staged by Alexis Sanchez is coming to an end. Sanchez explained that he is ready to go back to La Liga and Sevilla is possibly the place he will be setting up a camp. If that happens, Sanchez will be working side to side with his former boss Jorge Sampaoli.

Among the interested parties for Arsenal’s grand hit man (Sanchez) is Atletico Madrid and Chelsea.  With the rumors flying around that Chelsea will be selling their Belgian Player, Mitchy Batshuayi, it’s likely that Chelsea wants to hijack Sanchez before he crosses into the La Liga boundaries. Chelsea bought Mitchy for close to 34 million Euros and honestly, they have not made good use of that Player.

By joshjdss (Arsenal Vs Burnley) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Nevertheless, Sanchez is a good trade in for Chelsea. Other possible transfers and purchases include Daniel Sturridge’s possible departure of Anfield and Federico Chiesa of Fiorentina. According to ESPNFC, Jürgen Klopp mentioned that its possible for Sturridge to leave the Red’s with his suitable replacements being Divock Origi and Roberto Firmino. Liverpool is also thinking of buying the young Chiesa soon.



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