Signs That You Are Dating A FuckBoy

We live in a very sad world today where men have learnt to objectify women, forgetting that they actually came from one. Even more depressing is the fact that women have grown to feel obligated to serve these men in ways that demoralize their dignity, either for money, fame or whatever other irrational reason. So let’s be real for a second, ladies. Do you really want to be stuck with a dumbass junkie who doesn’t have a job, is always about sex and a total dirtball who beats you up whenever he feels like? I don’t think so.So who exactly is a Fuckboy?

According to Word Web, a Fuck boy is simply a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure. In this context, I like to think of a Fuckboy as basically any man who has absolutely no respect for women and is only selfishly interested in satisfying his own sexual desires. Fuckboys have a very simple trick in their handbook. They’ll approach you, make a grand entry into your life, mess it all up, leave and then text you “I miss you” once every two months so you can never move on. The logic is, “I like you, but I’m seeing 10 other girls. But trust me, I like you.”

Now this is how you know he’s a Playboy.

  1. A Fuckboy will always avoid been seen with you in public

Ever met a guy who constantly asks you to hang out but always makes up an ingenious reason not chill with you in public? That’s an express Fuckboy. What he’s actually trying to tell you is, “We can be lovers, but nobody has to find out about us”. And when he does, then it means that you’re probably the first girl to hit on in that area and therefore, the coast is clear. So he’ll make everything all sexual and dirty. Fuckboys always get what they want, or at least they like to think so. And they only want one thing, to get laid. That handbag he bought you, that expensive meal he just paid for, nothing is free. At the end of the date, he’ll expect you to pay him back. A lot!

  1. If he displays any form of violence towards you, he’s a Fuckboy

Any man who hits women is a coward. Fuckboys are more often than not plain cowards, insecure beings who always feel the need to flaunt their sexual superiority. Beating up women is an easy way to satiate this need. These are the kind of men who can’t be reasoned with, the kind that always pick fights and make every little situation a big deal, just so they can enjoy being in the middle of a little drama.

  1. Photos and Selfies

Social media is a great tool for Fuckboys to blow their own horns, prove to the world that they are better than everybody else. So these are the kind of guys who will make stupid duck faces while taking selfies, use a lot of filters and show off their arbs on their walls. Sometimes, they’ll shamelessly hop into your DMs and send you nude pictures showing off their junk. Playboys have no moderation. No chills at all.

  1. Texting

You met the guy just yesterday and he’s already texting you calling you baby girl or honey or any other unjustified names. He’s just trying to entice you to get into your pants. He’s a Fuckboy. Every so often, you’ll find yourself in the mood to get personal with a guy. So you decide to play intimate chat games like truth or dare. And the first question he blatantly chooses ask is, “Are you a virgin?” That’s a candid Playboy. If he asks you for nudes, Playboy. You should keep off.

  1. Disrespecting other Women

A man who refers to women as bitches, whores or any other demeaning names is not even worth your time. He probably speaks the same of you in front of his home boys. Precisely, if he talks trash about his ex, he’s almost certainly looking forward to making you his ex too, another bitch in his long list. More importantly, notice how he treats his mother. Every nobleman naturally thinks highly of his mother. So if your boy disrespects his own mom, think about how much contempt he’s capable of having towards you.

Above all, a Fuckboy will never admit that he’s indeed a Fuckboy. In fact, he’ll actually try to prove it by acting all sweet and mature, and any average girl will fall for it. The main problem with women is that, they know all this stuff and yet they get into bad relationships, expecting to the guys to change. Love is blind, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be stupid about it. Once a Fuckboy, always a Fuckboy. That’s the rule. It’s always been the rule.





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