World War Three now a grim possibility after Trump’s triumph; Historians warn

The threat of a possible World War 3 eruption has been called to attention by one prominent historian by the name Harold James of Princeton University. In an interview hosted by Sky News, Professor Harold aired his concern for the way people have slowly lost faith in globalization; contrary to what the world had overseen some years ago in the 90’s about the same issue. In his answers to the very intriguing questionnaire by Sky News, Harold pointed out how Trumps re-election backed by the questionable Brexit vote has shaken the world into conflicts in just a matter of days.

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With globalization, a small protest in the Kalahari could spark a massive parade in the entire Europe and that’s exactly how Globalization has made the spread of conflict easy, in the world. In his interview the renowned professor of History tried to compare the incidences that happened just before the world wars, particularly World War Two; and guess what, both World Wars were influenced by Globalization in some way. Globalization at the time was in form of Newspapers and Printable media.

According to The Telegraph, Prof. Harold pointed out how the governments of the time realized the essential part that information played in modern day warfare, especially in 1907 and 1930. Unlike those times where killing globalization would have taken just foreclosure of Newspaper Printing firms or banning paper factories, today we have the internet which honestly the world’s super powers have lost total control of. The threat of a World War Three sparking up is as real as daybreak tomorrow.



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