Smart Condoms? Are We Taking the Smart Era too far?

Smart phones, smart watches, smart cars, smart houses and now, apparently, Britain wants you to have smart sex too. I guess we all knew that this day would come. British Condoms has announced the first smart condom known to man for a perhaps overly exaggerated $60, the i.Con. It’s basically a ring that is designed to sit at the base of your regular condom and measure your sexual performance.

With its in-built Nano-chip and sensors, the i.Con is expected to accurately track the number of calories burnt during sex, the number and speed of thrusts, total duration of the sex session, girth, skin temperature and the different positions used. In addition, the condom add-on comes with an antibody filter that is anticipated to detect any sexually transmitted infections between the partners.

So after collecting all this data, what’s next? Designers have also announced the i.Con app that connects with the smart condom via Bluetooth. So once you’re done, you can directly view your results via the app. The data, of course, remains anonymous but you will also have the option to share it on social networks.

The i.Con boasts other pleasurable features like water resist, light in weight and superior comfort. It also runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts about 6 hours. The smart condom is yet to be released in the market and the company maintains that it’s still in the testing phase (whatever that means). I could make fun of this ‘Smart Condom’ all day but for now, I’ll just put my feet up and await to witness this bedroom technology.

Source: CNET



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