Medical Experts Explain Reasons Why You Should Donate Blood Regularly

I’ll be honest. I hate injections. I think they are literally a pain in the ass. Generally speaking, donating blood has never really being my thing. I remember the first time I donated my blood. I was just slightly above 50Kg, and for a 19-year old boy, there was frankly too much blood involved. As I massaged that funny rubber pad and watched my blood flow into the blood bag, lots of questions flooded my thoughts. Why am I doing this? Where will they take my blood? What if these people are just a bunch of operatives trying to feed an army of vampires? Sounds stupid right?

Anyway, after doing some research, I finally found a way to appreciate the blood donation exercise. Turns out, other than just saving lives, blood donation is actually good for your health. But first, let’s look at the ‘Whos’ before we get into the ‘Whys’. Think about all the accident victims that are checked in hospitals every day, the surgery fatalities, the anemic patients and the women in labor. All have one thing in common; they lose lots of blood from their wounds. So come on. Would it really hurt that much to spare the excess blood in your system to save a life? I’ll let that sink in.

Moving on. Medical experts have found that donating blood is in fact a good way to keep your body active and healthy. Here are some of the reasons why blood donation is good for your health.

It reduces the risk of cancer

Doctors explain that blood donation may help cut down the dangers of coming down with cancer. Research has shown that excess iron in the body is a primary basis for growth of cancerous cells in the body. Donating blood cuts down the excess iron in your body which may significantly hamper malignancy. Some malicious theories exist that blood donation actually causes cancer but medical experts have disapproved these ideas and labelled them as rumors to discourage people from donating blood.

It reduces the dangers of a heart condition

As seen earlier, blood donation reduces the iron levels in the body. Iron has been found to interfere with aerobic processes in the body which may interfere with pumping and cleansing of the blood, leading to severe heart complications. Blood donation may be a good way to keep the iron levels in the body at a desirable level to prevent such incidences from happening.

Weight control by burning excess calories

Blood donation is an alternative way to prevent accumulation of fats in the body to toxic levels. Studies have shown that at least 600 kilocalories of fat are burnt every time you donate blood, depending on the haemoglobin levels in your blood. This is a good way to stay fit and keep your weight in check.

Free medical checkup

It would be just plain wrong to forget the fact that each time you donate blood, you get a free health checkup. Once you donate blood, numerous tests are carried out to determine its type and detect any potential contaminations or infections. All these tests are necessary to help establish the perfect match and receiver of your blood. For you, you get to receive tests against any health issues that may be buried in your body, all for free!

On the whole, blood donation is a little bit underrated today, which is probably because it sounds painful. But it’s not. You’ll never know unless you try.



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