How To Make A Small Chest Beautiful; Fashion Ideas For Women With Small Breasts

If find quite offensive how, by societal standards, women with small breasts are prejudiced in lots of airs. Precisely, women with small busts often suffer a fashion crisis and have a hard a time deciding on what to wear. I have few female friends who time and again ask me for tips on how to flatter their small chests with fashion. The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with having small breasts. In fact, a small bust is just as beautiful and sexy as a large one. In this article, I’ll show you how to play with shape, colors, and patterns to complement your petite look. Read on.

Take advantage of your small bust size

The first step is to leverage your flat chest. There are lots of fashion styles that are inapt for larger busts. So take advantage of that. A good place to start would be sheer shoulders and strapless tops. These tops go best with strapless bras and for the ladies with larger breasts, going braless is not really a good idea here. They may feel ‘unsupported’. But for you, this is the perfect card to play since your chest is lighter. You can also try sleeveless dresses for the same reason and this time, try adding a little flavor by wearing a scarf to mask your petiteness. Bandana tops are also a good fit for you, unlike your larger counterparts since they have to worry about slips and all that.

For a casual event or a simple stroll on the beach, try a bandeau top. For those who don’t know what a bandeau top is, it’s a strip that ties around your breasts and leaves your stomach uncovered. For a more decent look, you can wear it under a jacket. Exposing you flat tummy a little compliments your flat chest. And it’s really sexy. Bareback gowns are also a good fit here since they blend nicely with going braless. Try bolero jackets too. They make your chest look fuller if you know what I mean.

Play with colors

For your small breasts size, you want to go for bright colors, especially around your chest. Dark colors tend to ‘fade out’ your chest. I mean you might as well carry around a sign saying ‘Here’s my small chest’. Another great trick is wearing stripped tops, in particular, horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes serve to define your chest cups and they have a strong bulging effect which makes your chest look bigger. To add to this, you can try stripes that have a bold color just below the breasts that clearly separates your chest from the stomach. You can also try out polka dots and small prints with broad patterns to help even out your body shape and camouflage your flat chest.

Use necklines to accentuate your bust

Go for tops with cowl necklines that fold several times at the neck. This will help draw the eye away from your chest. High collar tops make your breasts look bigger, so choose them over tops which show lots of cleavage. Whenever possible, depending on the occasion, of course, consider wearing halter tops which expose your shoulders and consequently make your bust look bigger. Blouses with pleats and trimmed necklines are also a good way to add volume to your chest without exaggerating your body shape. Again, play with colors. Go for tops with glimmer and strong color around the collar. This will help distract the judging eye from your small chest.

Highlight your waist more

Laying emphasis to your waist makes your bust look bigger. Try dresses and tops with a realm waist. If you have a flat stomach, then this is even better news for you. Look for dresses with a compressed waist line that will fit tightly around your waist. This will emphasize an hour glass figure on you. You can also try dresses with added detailing around the waist. A sewn flower perhaps, just anything to add some essence to your waist.

Bust enhancing accessories and makeup

Accessories enhance your small chest to look a little fuller while makeup stresses your facial beauty. Go for think necklaces with small lockets. This makes your breasts look bigger in comparison. Bold bangles, bracelets, and earrings help to draw attention away from your flat chest, so consider them. For your make up, apply different shades around your breasts. Make sure to use a darker shade in between your breasts to create a false impression of breast shadows which, of course, will be interpreted as large breasts. Glitter can also come in handy when applied on the rounded top side of your breasts. It’s a clear way to highlight your bust and give an illusion of a fuller bust.



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