21st Century Is The Age Men Will Become Extinct

Gender inequality has been trending in the background for quite some time now and I feel like society is entirely concerned with saving the girl child. But what about our men? If you think about it, you’ll realize that society today is more inclined to show partiality towards women, some kind of privilege that men don’t ­­­­get to enjoy. Talk about long prison sentences, harsh jobs, pressure from families and less compassion from the world; men have got it hard. Surprisingly, even the men themselves never seem to grasp and notice the kind of pressure they are subjected to by the social order.

To them, it has become way of life, something they just have to adapt to. I wrote this piece just to shed some light on the ways society is showing prejudice towards men as we go by. In my opinion, just like we are doing so much in empowering women and the girl child, our social agencies should consider improving men too. Failure to this, it’s highly likely that the boy child won’t survive through the 21st Century with his dignity on.

Men are expected to be tough in all situations

Society expects men to hit life hard. This means working for longer hours in dangerous and low paying jobs to provide for their families. While some people might argue out this Biblically, Hey! Men are people too! Just like women, they get tired and afraid too. But the conventional mantra says that men generally deserve less compassion compared to women, which is a little bit unfair if God indeed created us equal. Besides, if we are trying to achieve gender equality, shouldn’t women be equally subjected to the same harsh conditions as men?

Men are conditioned to date down

Think about a skinny man dating a fat woman. Now try picturing a fat man dating a skinny girl. See the difference? These are the double standards. The social order today expects men to be smart, good looking and intelligent than their better halves. So men have to put too much effort to be better than their companions. Women on the other hand don’t have to strain that much. In fact, they don’t have to strain at all. At the end of the day, society will still choose a classy man for them.

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Children are closer to their mothers

In spite of being the chief providers at home, men receive little or no affection from their children. What they fail to understand is that, unlike their stay-at-home moms, their dads are often away working their butts off to put food on the table. Most husbands will tell you that it’s really heartbreaking to feed a family that never seems to care at all. The strong ones, of course, hold onto their families but some break down and give up. All said and done, I think dads and moms are entitled to an equal share of love and support from their kids.

Men are supposed to ignore all feelings and emotions

Ever wondered why your dad sleeps closer to the door? Or why your boyfriend is expected to give you his jacket at night and stay cold. Men are thought to be physically stronger than women. This might be partially true but it might also be an adaptation. Society trains men to be fearless, sturdy and brawny right from childhood. So men will readily do anything for women, including dying. No seriously, society expects men to die for women. It’s almost as if the life of a man is of lesser value than that of a woman.

Violence among men is viewed as entertainment

In this capital world, the media feeds the audience what they want. Action movies and violent games by large revolve around men. While this is probably all just fiction and good art work, it’s clear that people enjoy watching men been beaten up. However, female-on-female violence or male-on-female violence is viewed as barbaric and morally wrong. Surprisingly, people find female-on-male violence funny and entertaining. Society believes that it’s okay to shed blood, as long as it’s male.

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage requires men to support their families financially while the women are expected to emotionally support their men. So it’s safe to say that the man is the backbone of the family while the woman is the heart. But what happens after a divorce? Statistics show that courts are highly likely to rule in favor of women in divorce cases. Guilty or not, men are expected to continue providing financial support to their families after a divorce. So society expects the backbone to continue exerting itself, even after the heart becomes dysfunctional.

Let’s face it. Society is a dirty test tube that needs to be cleaned thoroughly. I think life would be far much easier if we stopped looking at all gender issues as a ‘we’ against ‘them’ game. The bottom line is that we are all humans and it’s awfully wrong to look down upon others on the basis of gender. We are a civilized people, so let’s act like it.




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